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To those whom I have been talking to in the chat: here it finally is... Crescendo.

To everybody else: here it is... Crescendo.

What am I talking about? Part 1 of a 3-movement symphony. Part 1 is called Crescendo... You may guess what happens in this movement... ;)

Whatever. My opinion is that it starts off nice, but that it ends a bit messy. I would love to hear your opinion, idea's and suggestions.

It is for full orchestra, and takes just over 6 minutes.

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Thanks for the reply, Bob.

What do you exactly mean with 'extremes', if I may ask?

I see what you mean here.

Let me explain what I had in mind... ;) This Crescendo is part 1 of 3 for another (attempt to write a) symphony. Part 2 will be called Accelerando - guess what's happening... ;) Then I indeed do start with full notes (it will be in 4/4) and end up either with eiths or even faster.

But I guess I can add some slower notes in the beginning, just have to work out how to do that.

May be I should go syncopated somewhere...

Hi, Erwin,

I just listened to this piece.  It was quite a surprise for me, as it had elements in it that I hadn't heard from you before.

At places, there seems to be a co-existence of two very different realities.  I thought of good versus evil, innocence versus scheming, safety vs looming danger, normal everyday life versus tragic events.  This impression was very strong.

(The "evil" force was in the low bass line and had some creepy intervals in it.)

However, in the piece there is never a clear "fight" between these two forces (good and evil).  The good force seems to mostly always be there, going about its usual business (everyday life) with a certain levity and some variety (mostly in the frequent change of instruments, rather than melody, harmony, or rhythm) but with a feeling of routine everyday life as opposed to extremely exciting events.  The evil force is only audible during certain "episodes", then sort of fades into the background.  As if it is hiding but lurking. 

But nothing ever happens.

Is this tension resolved in subsequent movements of your piece?

Or was my interpretation of what I heard completely different than your own interpretation?


Mmm, interesting, Mariza, since I wrote this piece when I felt really down at times. I guess you just gave me an idea for what to do with 'Accelerando', what should become then the final piece...

I must confess that I do have a little trouble with 3/4 ( and 6/8 for that matter), I alread had as a child. Not that that stops me from writing in 3/4 (of 6/8) but for me it is more difficult then 4/4. Don't know why.

Thanks for the clarification of my own piece.

Now I really start thinking about going syncopated here or there... A little.

Thanks for the good thoughts.

Hi Erwin

I have listened to 3 of your other pieces, today, and in terms of my own musical preferences, I like 'Crescendo' the best. Congratulations. I look forward to your next piece.



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