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So this last weekend I was very sick with a cold/flu. During my fever, and as a result of being inside alone for several days, I hallucinated some very interesting creatures, and had some bizarre dreams. 

This piece is my exposition of that experience. Enjoy! Thank you all for your critiques and comments! I hope to be able to spend some time on the forums again soon.

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Hi Benjamin

This is very nicely put together, the tone is good and all the added effects are appropriate. As far as the music goes you do a fine job of layering all the different parts together and there is nothing wrong with the orchestration. My only piece of criticism would be that during the first half you could also remove parts rather than just added parts. It would, I think, add to the tension if suddenly the beat was gone and you are just left with strings or for a moment it is just the music box and the beat slowly fades in. Just a thought.

The ending starting from around 2.10 is great and I wouldn't change anything. 

Alex Oliver Cawley 

EXCELLENT--very well done:)

It appears that your new job as a composer for a YouTube company, and the moved to the Philippines is really bringing out your BEST music. I enjoyed this very much!

Thanks Bob


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I've really had a great experience so far here that has definitely contributed to my music. 


Thanks Alex! I agree with you with the removing of a part - it's something I will revisit today. I am also of the opinion that I set the tempo just slightly too fast. Though to me it's a minor gripe. 

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