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This is the piece I submitted for the winter competition. Unfortunately I sent it to the wrong address (Gav's email on this site, instead of his personal email), which does not receive any mail. Consequently it was not received by Gav and so I did not enter the competition. Gav suggested I could put it later on in the forum and so I do.

It is an ouverture for classical orchestra whose themes are based on a suite for solo guitar that I am working at present.

Comments and constructive criticism on the music itself (not on the way Sibelius 6 plays it back) are welcome.

Thank you.



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Very nice! I liked it. I'd love to hear it in a live performance -- the Sibelius playback is rather disappointing.

Thank you both, Susan and Teoh for commenting.

The problem of Sibelius sounds is a constant one with me Teoh. I do all I can for rendering sounds better but on one hand I believe I don't know enough about midi manipulation, and on the other I wonder, why should I know more? The main job of a composer to me is to write music and not to spend time reading manuals on sound technology. Sound perfection in my opinion should be ready and realistic at our fingertips and in affordable prices, but sometimes I think that technology is there to discourage us from creating rather than help us.

Oh well, c' est la vie.

I agree that in an ideal world, tweaking electronic sound output should not be a composer's concern. Unfortunately, that is currently not the case. I wouldn't say it's that way to discourage us, though; I would say rather that the technology still has a long ways to go. So in the meantime we're stuck with inferior quality renderings. I struggle with this all the time.

I am currently using the trial of wallanders noteperformer in Sibelius 7.5.

I am still not sure about it but it does seem to play articulation better.

It installs into v6 and I think it would give you be a better sound.

here you go Socrates...


Very nice!

Thank you very much Mike, it's an amazing change!

Far better than Sibelius sounds or the NP sounds that I use currently, the music comes out in separate melodic lines as intended. Now I feel embarrassed that I upload videos of my work in youtube without such quality. I don’t have either the means or the knowledge/skill to come up with something like this, and I very much regret the cancellation of your compositional contest which would have given to one of us the chance to have a piece rendered with such quality.


Now, of course I'm full of technical questions regarding the possibility of using in the future some modules of VSL through Sibelius and starting to get to grips with the whole thing, but I would not know where or how to start.

Today I downloaded a free DAW from the net, (Audacity, if you heard of it), to see if I can learn anything about how to use it, and if I can combine it with Sibelius, but I will need some sound module(s) from VSL and I thought that for my current needs I could start with a classical guitar and string quartet sounds, I know there is a classical guitar module in VSL, but is there another one with string soloists or they come as part of bigger packages?

Is the learning curve very steep?


Glad you like it Socrates.

I can't help you with linking a DAW to notation software, but yes, there is a classical guitar from VSL and a solo strings package, see here....

I have them both and good work is possible utilising these sounds.

The learning curve is steep but do-able - it's all about teasing out a credible performance from the samples and that involves in-depth knowledge of how to manipulate the software. Take it in small basic steps to start with, just like learning an instrument and ask here, plenty of us can help you.

Socrates, is this any good to you.....

Check out the video walkthroughs...


Thank you Mike.

I'm reading a lot and comparing for the next few days, on first impressions (gut reaction so to speak) I prefer the orangetree samples when compared with VSL (only the guitar), but that is perhaps because they are extensively demonstrative of various techniques, whereas VSL has two well-known pieces Sevilla & Tango en Sky that did not persuade me, maybe because I have lots of real performances to refer to regarding those two pieces.


I want to come back to this thread or elsewhere for some technical advice in the future because by reading at the moment I get more questions formed in my mind rather than answers obtained.

Oh well, c' est la vie!


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