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Anyone who knows how to convert a Reaper project file to mp3 ? I have read in the manual but Reaper only convert 1 of the 6 tracks I´ve made though I marked "all tracks" . I´m running Reaper 4.0.2 . Would be grateful for some help , it´s the first time I try a DAW.

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Caj, you should first make a WAV (or AIFF) file and then convert it into mp3 format. The mp3 format is a result of compressing (concernuing  memory usage, not the sound dynamics) of standard audio formats. So, find a way to produce a conventional audio from your DAW, and then compress it to mp3.


Thanks Andrew , I will read in the manal .
Andrew, I got help from the Reaper support to convert ( or render as they name it) to Wav and then I converted to mp3 thru  "Easy CD-DA extractor".  This was my first try with a DAW , I recorded several noises  and mixed them in Reaper as an experiment ( not the last ) . Hope I soon will have the time to listen to your new pieces.

to save your work and sounds to mp3 you need to dl the codec from reaper just try and save something to mp3 in reaper and it will send you strait to web site for dl

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