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This is the first movement of a concerto I am writing for a friend of mine and wind symphony.  This recording uses Sibelius and Gerritan Orchestral Sounds.  Unfortunately, I could not get the percussion samples to work, except for timpani...and since it was Garritan Orchestral, the Euphonium as a tuba anything about high G doesn't sound...but those are few and far between.  

I would LOVE feedback as I am still revising and continuing to write.

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The first movement is now done, but I do not have the file here to upload.  I will soon!

What passages are you referring to specifically?

Boneman said:

If this is your first time Matthew then tred with care, balance is very important in wind band. Knowing just what will come across in a real life situation is generally very different to hearing a computer play it back. You are dealing with massive forces here. What about scoring it for a smaller ensemble, getting it played then see.


There are passages in this piece that need some attention to the performance side. The conductor can work on balance etc in rehearsal but to save that kind of time you can do quite a bit to make his life easier in the score!

I listened to this a couple of times while following along with the score. Overall, this piece did not reach me, though there were some areas that I thought showed promise. With new music (and this is definitely new) I try to listen for new ways of thinking about melody and harmony and that is here, it just didn't work for me - the melody didn't touch my heart and the harmonizing came across to me as harsh. At the same time, the melody in particular (the euphonium) showed some interesting new ideas which make me think the composer may with time produce stronger work. The best part of the piece I think is the orchestration. Except for the first few intro bars (which felt slow), it was dynamic and variegated, showing troughs/crests of excitement and alternating instrumental color, a hallmark of a good orchestral piece. I also felt a decent grasp of structure and the idea of return was well implemented. The ending seems weak though, I had a feeling that rather than achieve a climax, the piece just sort of stops. The two points which I would offer as constructive criticism are 1) the melody sometimes started off in interesting ways, but lead to unsatisfactory conclusions, perhaps watching where melody lines end up with an idea of producing something a little less off the beaten path may help 2) the harmonies I did not find very satisfactory in general, although perhaps if I liked the melody more this would not have bothered me as much. Of course all these comments are my own opinion and nobody else's. Best to you -

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