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This is the 3rd Concertante in a series of "Concertantes" that I am composing. The Concertantes are meant to be single movement pieces that are supposed to be energy packed, virtuosic. This particular piece is made up of a number of motivic ideas so there is a lot going on. However I tried to keep everything under control and hopefully I accomplished that in the way in which the piece moves forward along with the drama I tried to infuse.

This work was copmosed for a friend and instructor I worked with. She has only seen the first half of the piece.

It is the 10th piece on my player.

comments and critique welcome.

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I really enjoyed it, I drew some inspiration from it!
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it was able to be inspired.
Thank you for the comments. I did take liberties with the definition of the Concertante with No.1 and composed only for 1 piano although I have thought about doing one for 2 pianos but def at a later time perhaps. I was inspired to start working on my own style and concept of the Concertante when coming across the composer Joseph Boulogne also know as Chevalier de Saint or "Le Mozart Noir"...his bio pic can be found here:

But, I am glad you enjoyed the the piece. Not only did I want the violin to be very soloistic and virtuosic but I wanted the same for the piano eventhough its function focused more on accompaniment. So I guess you could say I wanted to create a fun challenging accompaniment. So as a pianist I'm sure you picked up on that :)

I do have a couple double stops in the Violin that I might reconsider. Other than that I am using the concertantes to try some things for myself for future expansion. Right now I have 2 more Concertantes with piano accompaniment on the mental schedule.

Once again thanks for listening and the comments.

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