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========== EDIT 2 ==========

Hi to all.

I'm actually enjoying composing for cello solo so I have chosen to gather all the pieces (including the one originally entitled "Entanglements" and whose link is posted below, in the "Edit 1" section) and turn the composition into a suite.

Here you'll find another movement, a tarantella:

Thank you so much for listening and for any of your comment/advice.


========== EDIT 1 ==========

Well, after a very long time, here it is the revised version (with also a new title):

I did my best to elaborate all your precious advices.

As it's still incomparable to all the amazing music you post here everyday, please... have mercy :D

Thanks for listening.  So much.


======== ORIGINAL POST =====

Hi to all,

sorry for posting this short and meaningless composition of mine.


Thanks to whoever will listen to it or not :)


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 I think you should be proud of this! The arrangement sounds easily like something a real set of musicians could play. The technical aspects of the music convey more than the sum of the parts skillfully in a way that enriches the soul.  This is what I think it's all about. Kudos!

Thank you so much David for listening!
Thank you so much Timothy for your words. TBH, I'm not very proud as I think it's a very humble and simple music piece, although I have spent a lot of time studying Cello scores and fingering.
Must also say it actually comes from deep down myself and that's why I'm very happy it has touched your soul.
Thank you once again.

Hi Gabriele.

Great work. Beautiful composition.

The "recording" is stellar: really like the way the "room" reacts to the instrument (maybe a little bit more less wet would be better)

Incidentally, my first approach to virtual composition was through another "Entanglement" number, an orchestral work I listened on the good ol' Garritan Forum; hearing such quality compositions as yours makes me more glad I joined this community.


Thank you, Fabio. So much. And welcome!

(discussion updated again)

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