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We never know which compos will be more successful. This one was a huge hit, though I'm not always sure why exactly. 

I made it playing my bouzouki recorded in the studio as the theme running through the whole thing. I added some vocal effects to it. The rest is sampled sounds and mixing to get the feel it has.

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Hi Timothy,

This is superb, and I think I can answer your question as to why it has been a hit for you - it's that pedal point (which I think everybody secretly loves, and which is underused by composers) plus that ghostly quality the flute has - I feel like any minute a Leprechaun is going to come dancing out of the Irish fog and cart me away to his faerie lair! Nicely done, memorable melody, a cut or two above the standard Celtic fair. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Gav for commenting here. I claim some ignorance on what pedal point is. I'm going to investigate that based on your comments here. Thanks!

Thank you for commenting Saul.


Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it.

But consider these few thoughts. For me, the amount of reverb kind of muddled things up. Maybe that's the effect you wanted, but it was hard to make out some of the interesting lines you wrote.

For me, there is music that does something and music that just sits there. There is a time and place for both. What if the pedal point changed pitch as the music changed tempo. What if some of the instrumentation changed, also.

Thanks Bob for your comments. I do tend to put in a fair amount of reverb. Sometimes it isn't just the reverb, it's also the type of reverb used and the way it was set up. I think I used Valhalla room on this one. I try to get the sweet spot where it sounds spacial but doesn't  begin to muddle the way we hear it. I do prefer to hear a lively space, almost like it was played in some enchanted place not of this planet or maybe in someone's daydream. 

I hear you on the idea that this could have changed up. I totally agree. I see other possibilities here that could have taken it in another direction. OTOH a song that changes up would have changed gears in the listeners mind which could have inspired other feelings, in another way having a more repetitive motif with a developing upper melody has almost a mysterious trance like effect that seems to have interest. I do manage to change some it at the end as a release that I think reflects flight.

As an aside- I was thinking of a friend who frequently flies when I wrote this and she said it gave her that feeling. These were my thoughts during the composition.

Certainly great music. I find it also innovative and interesting. There are many beautiful new sounds building up a special atmosphere. Really ingenious.

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Kjell!

Much appreciated.

I loved the rich texture of many instruments in this piece.  In addition to the pedal point, which I agree, the ear loves to hear, the Celtic 6/8 rhythm is always going to appeal.  Nice work!

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