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Hi everybody. I've been writing music freestyle for a few years now and I am studying sound at university. I have a large project for uni whereby I have to write music for a mobile game that has a circus/western theme. 

I have been trying hard by listening to western and circus music but I feel like my creativity has been imprisoned and it's so difficult to do. I know that a lot of my classmates have been turning to sample libraries but that's not what I went to uni for. I went to uni to advance my skills but unfortunately composition is not part of the curriculum even though it is a major part of the requirements (that's another story). Also, the other projects are not restricted by theme to the extent that mine is which makes it doubly difficult. 

Has anybody got any words of wisdom that can help me here?

I have a very good knowledge of music theory so technical terms are very welcome. Thanks a lot in advance for sharing your expertise. 

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Thanks guys, unfortunately I don't have any instruments to work with, I would have been able to organise some had I tried earlier but I suppose it's my own fault for trying so long by myself. I will post some of the stuff I have been doing here with synths in an attempt to make circus music. It's a kids game as well so my creative thoughts were to have it bright and happy for the kids. Lecturers informed me that traditional instruments would be better but it's too late in the day for that :(

Here you will maybe find some help

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