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Applications are open for the 9th annual Charlotte New Music Festival. It's free to apply and we invite you to share these workshop opportunities with other composers you know.
We look forward to another great round of concerts, exploring new music, networking, and hosting composers and performers from around the world!
Application deadline: January 20, 2020 by 11:59pm
Free to apply!
(June 15-27)
The Composers Workshop is a unique two-week event that allows a select group of student and emerging composers to work closely with some of the top performers and distinguished guest composers in the creation of new works for performances at the Charlotte new Music Festival. Participants will hone their craft, build their professional networks, listen to a lot of exciting new music, receive valuable and pragmatic career advice from musicians & composers with a wide range of experiences, and much more.
The Max Computer Music Workshop (MCMW, lead by Christopher Dobrian and Charles Nichols) is an intermediate to advanced one- to two-week immersive workshop, focused on programming and composing computer music in the Max visual programming environment. Participants will learn techniques for programming interactive computer music, culminating in a public recorded performance of works created during the workshop, performed by guest musicians.
More info & to apply online
Guest Ensembles
Beo String Quartet (Pittsburgh)
Duo Zonda (flutes - Orlando Cela & Wei Zhao, Boston)
Guest Composers:
Others TBA

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