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Hello colleagues,

I've spent some time on Youtube and have found some interesting composers you may enjoy. These are not just composers posting works, they also put up interesting blogs, interviews, music analysis, and other types of in-person stuff. Presented in no particular order >

David Bruce - a Brit. Composes in a contemporary classical style. Tonal. Great commentary on symphonic composition. Good sense of humor, videos particularly well produced (read=fun).

Samuel Andreyev. Not sure of his nationality. Composes in an atonal style. Expert and engrossing analysis of specific works by 20th century composers.

Tantacrul. As far as I can tell, American. In addition to being a composer, also a software designer. Particularly interesting analysis of contemporary notation software (MuseScore, Sibelius, etc.)

Rick Beato. American. Composes in a contemporary tonal style. He is also a producer of Rock music, which he clearly loves and goes a long way back in. Great analyses of rock songs.

Ben Levin. American. Composes oddball rock music, also very 

versed in MuseScore. Interesting and quirky posts.

Adam Neely. American. Jazz/Classical crossover composer who puts up all sorts of interesting posts about music analysis.

Score Follower. This one is not a composer. I put it up because I like to look at a score when I listen to new music, and this channel puts up all sorts of unusual 20th and 21st century music I had never heard of before along with the score for each

If you are aware of anybody else who's posting like this, perhaps you can share in the comments?

Happy Composing!

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