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Hi Composers!

Today I listened to my works (own compositions) again and I was really suprised that how many memories came up from the past years, from that time when I composed them. It's a very strong and hearthbreaking feeling, good and bad in the same time, really strange feeling. I don't know that are the professional composers like to listen to their works later? But I can understand the point if they not. For example my 'Soaring time' piece was played on a funeral on one of my relative, because she liked my music very much so very sad. 
This pieces composed in the previous years. I'm an amateur pianist, but I wanted to create some little album, 'Only Hope' and then 'Soaring thoughts'. All of this pieces are romantic, modern and light piano pieces. I try to share them in chronology order. As I wrote more pieces, they became more complex of course but I always try to keep my own style. I'm thinking to rewrite my older works with my current knowledge, create new chords, accompaniment to them, but I'm not sure, because as I have written before, every piece has it's own story....

Have a good listening to them  

I really interested in you opinion which you liked the best? And of course about the topic, that do you like to listen to your own works later?

Album Only Hope (my older works)

1) Only Hope:

2) Fantasy in C# minor:

3) Returning Dreams:

4) Soul of piano:…

5) Leaf on the lake:…

6) Soaring time:…

Album Soaring Time (my latest works)
1) The piano and me:…

2) Magical walley (the only one which is not solo piano):…

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I listened to 'hope' and i'd way i liked Fantasy in C# minor and returning home. Keep up the good work!

I listened to all of them and it would be hard to pick a favorite... they were all very good. Very intimate and lyrical. Do you know David Lanz? This reminded me of some of his work, especially Nightfall. That's not to say your work sounds like an imitation of his, not at all... you have your own unique style, but I was reminded of him.

Hi Leber,

I listened to the first two. I find the pieces pretty and enjoyable, like songs, a format I appreciate so much.



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