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I post two simple and short minimalistic string quartets for you to compare live performance sound to sampled sound. This is not an outstanding performance and not the best sampling, but I find it very useful for comparison.

I would be glad to hear any comments, especially some criticism.

- Live performance: 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello. 4 microphones, live in a small room. All musicians play simultaneously. Performed in January, 2013. Introduction was not performed live in Falling from the window.

- Sampled performance: East West Orchestra Library (Platinum XP). Solo samples were used for Silent Hints. Group samples (18 violins, 10 violas, 10 cellos) were used for Falling from the window. - Silent Hints.mp3 - Silent Hints (live).mp3 - Falling From The Window.mp3 - Falling From The Window (live).mp3

PDF: - Silent Hints.pdf - Falling From The Window.pdf

You can also listen in my profile and on my site.

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Thanks for sharing. Please see my comments in your discussion here:

Thanks for the link Ray. You are right, real performers will always have better control over sound. Though, a good virtual instrument can be live controlled too. This is another instrument, it should not compete with its acoustic predecessor. 

I think, this post is for people who do not know much about virtual instruments, but want to listen what they can usually do with virtual instruments and what they can't :)

I hope, it can be useful for them. Perhaps, for pros it aint so attractive :)

Ray, can you recommend a good comparison article of different virtual orchestra instruments?

Raymond Kemp said:


It's perfectly reasonable to compare virtual instrument against other virtual instrument but not with real.

How about this:


Although I don't find it particularly realistic, many pros do.

No matter what controllers the developer adds to the arsenal of possible variation. A real performer has more.


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