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This is a song I have recorded for one of my college modules. I have posted it to get feedback that I can include within the project.

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Hi Thomas,

Pleasant pop - what was the assignment?


Hi Gav

This is a song for my sonic arts module demonstrating the creating music to a professional quality.



Thomas, I have a few suggestions if you don't mind. The song is fine. I think a little post production would help.

The vocal seems lost in the mix.

I could use more low end EQ on the bass.

Is there kick drum? If so, it is normal to have the bass and kick drum play similar rhythms.

Consider using a different sound on the guitar solo. 

Cheers Bob I will have a look at implementing your suggestions. Fairly new to mixing so thanks very much, the feedback is much appreciated!

Very nice pop song. Even if it lacks originality (I listened to this in the 70s) it works well since that need not be a problem for pop songs. I think the contemporary pop makers from my country sound like the English spoken sounded in the 70s, and they are tremendously successful. You have a nice and personal voice but maybe this song could benefit from chorus background singers, just a spontaneous idea. Certainly a good work in this genre.

All the best,


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