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I just don't know about this.... themes of a very stereotypical kind come to my mind and sometimes I play a bit with them.  What I wonder is:  are they worth anything in their own right, musically, can they move emotions .... or are they just pale and amateur imitations of a long bygone era?

Any comments/critique most welcome!  thanks

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Stereotypes work because they are successful and in my opinion this is a very successful, lyrical and moving piece. It didn't evoke Mozart except for some moments in the strings but instead sounded somehow French? As if the ending theme to a film set in Paris about lovers who pay a terrible price for their love (which happens a lot in such films). I would love to hear this performed by a real ensemble for even with samples it has stuck with me. Perhaps others would call it pale and amateur, those people always exist, but there's nothing wrong with drawing on composers that went before.

There's a couple of critiques I could give on some moments of orchestration and arrangement if you were interested in "fine-tuning" but I sometimes hesitate to offer as they're more personal feelings than issues.

Thank you very much Charles for your useful and encouraging comments.  This is just a sketch, but when I've done a better arrangement I'll send you a score and I would very much appreciate your 'fine-tuning'.  

Love the repeated-note upbeat - an unusual and compelling motif.  Lovely piece!

Thank you Emily and Charles for your comments.  I am wondering if there is anyone here (Charles? Emily?)who would like to collaborate with me on this piece?  I enclose a version which has choir added... I'm not experienced with writing for choir, and it shows, but I am sending this to give an idea of where the music might go.  I want to develop the piano themes and also to make the piano part more interesting, and , again, I'm not really a pianist.  with choir.mp3


Thanks for posting this. It is very nice just like it is. Remember, you decide which direction to go. Which instruments to use, or not. Experiment freely. That's the beauty of working on the computer. 

Personally, I feel nothing Mozart about this. It seems much too romantic.

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