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This song derives from a rhythm I've been playing around with since I was a kid. It's a simple rhythmic pattern, but I feel it fits perfectly in a dramatic/epic setting. 

I normally wait until I'm finished with a song to submit it, and although I do like the ideas behind what I have so far, I feel like it I've possibly done to much in the beginning, and there's not enough raw melody within the song. I feel that I've countered the lengthy chords well by adding a variety of ostinati as the song progresses, but I also feel that its lacking something. 

Any tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Heck, even "harsh" criticisms are welcome so long as they're productive! :)

Thanks for your time and any advice.

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I'm not expert on film music, Blake, but this sounds like it has potential. However, I find it difficult to comment on such a short sample. I suggest you keep developing it. Try not to get too trapped in the loop mentality.

Yeah, I apologize that it's such a short sample. Problem is, I don't plan on it being a long song at all. Just a short dramatic cue if you will. 

And getting trapped in the loop mentality seems to be my main problem as I have a hard time breaking away from it. Is there anything in particular you do when writing a song that helps create more diversity?

Some things to consider: modulate to a new key; introduce a new rhythm; expand one of the voices (not the main theme, perhaps the bass, or other instruments - take what it's doing and make it go somewhere.

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