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Hello Colleagues,
I'm working on some Holiday music with a poet, 5 songs for piano and alto. It's the first time I've worked with a lyricist and it certainly is a challenge. I didn't give them any parameters other than for it to be written for the season - no strictures on rhyme, meter, or anything else, so I got some semi-rhyming, mostly arhythmic poetry which I then adapted in a way that seemed fit to me to get it to marry to the music, which I composed based on the lyrics (poems, really) the lyricist sent me. Here's the 3rd one in the series. Score included in the YouTube, and as always, comments invited >

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I found an online singing service called The Happy Choir that provides vocal recordings, here is the result >

That's a good performance, I think you did the right thing getting this vocal track Gav.  The singer is accurate and has a good clear voice so the song is represented well.

You have a much different recorded sound on this track than on your original track.  I don't think this sound is giving this piece a good presentation. The sound is much brighter with much less reverb and the vocal is very upfront. With the articulations from the lyrics adding to the brightness you now have a different feel which to my ear is not as appealing as the original track.

I think that if you go for a warmer sound and get the vocal to blend more I know I'll like this much better.  Very well done though!

Thanks Ingo, when I gave the singer the Finale files, he told me he was going to run the sound through some other program, and yes, it produced a quite different piano tone as a result. I thought it was ok, a bit muddy in places, but your point is well taken. I also used NotePerformer in my original, which if he exported via midi to his outside program would not be used even if he had it, so there could be something going on there. Overall, I was pleased with the result, which is used as a marketing tool to sell sheet music, so I didn’t focus in on each detail like I would have if it was an album I was producing. Thanks for listening and for your comments!

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