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Hello Colleagues,
I'm working on some Holiday music with a poet, 5 songs for piano and alto. It's the first time I've worked with a lyricist and it certainly is a challenge. I didn't give them any parameters other than for it to be written for the season - no strictures on rhyme, meter, or anything else, so I got some semi-rhyming, mostly arhythmic poetry which I then adapted in a way that seemed fit to me to get it to marry to the music, which I composed based on the lyrics (poems, really) the lyricist sent me. Here's the 3rd one in the series. Score included in the YouTube, and as always, comments invited >

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Very nice Gav,  great harmonies and melodies and rhythm. Your lyricist has done a great job also with a poignant Christmas theme. This should appeal to a wide audience.  You could vary the piano textures more I suppose, let the vocal work with minimal accompaniment or even a brief solo for emphasis but that's a minor nit pick, this works great as is, thanks for sharing it. 

Thanks for listening and commenting Ingo. I appreciate particularly your comment about the balance between the piano and voice, it was something I was concerned about when writing. Since some of the other pieces in the series have a much more laid-back piano and I took the mental approach that all the pieces together form a suite, with more or less piano in some compared to others, and I can live with that. As for varying the piano texture more, the point you raise is a valid one. Thanks again!

Congratulations Gav.   Very beautiful Christmas Music.

The character is specially noteworthy.

By the way bar 75 A flat goes to bar 76 A natural.

The modern notation programs do not indicate the A

natural but (natural) sign may be better for the performers.

It looks simple but there is a lot underneath.

Thank you for this beautiful Advents Time gift.

Ali R+

Hi Ali,

Thanks for your comments and for listening. I added a reminder natural in bar 76, that seems like a good idea!


Hi Gav,

it is a nice tune, it kept my attention all through. I think piano and voice fit nicely together. The piano is doing a great job. It disturbs a bit that there is no room for breathing. I believe the vocal will come out even better if you took care of that since it would sound more natural.

I liked the piece, great to have such beautiful lyrics also which you impressively managed to fit in to the music. I look forward to hear the recording.


Hi Kjell, thanks, appreciate your listening and commenting. You have a valid point about the breathing spots. I am sometimes a bit mystified as to when and where to insert them. I'll do a bit of investigating and make some adjustments.



Very, very nice. Leaves ya a bit hanging, though.

Hardly anything to say other than it's rather lovely, flowing and with the feel of the Christmas season about it. 

Most accomplished. 


Wow, that was really nice, both music and lyrics. The piano accompaniment was well designed I thought, and the melodic lines were beautifully done. The only thing I wonder about is whether the singer will have enough air at times to sing it. In my own limited efforts along these lines, that was the biggest comment I got. Singing is basically speech that is more, well, lyrical. When we speak, we pause frequently for air, and singers have even greater need for this. 

Other than that (and I may be wrong about it; hopefully others will comment on this), I really enjoyed it, it was quite artistic and effective.

@Art - "hanging" - can you offer what you mean?

@Dane - Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

@Mike - You're right, it needs more breath spots, thanks for pointing it out!


Beautiful. The harmonic shifts sound wonderful, as does the breaking of the beats of a measure of eight 8th notes into a pattern of 1-2-3_1-2-3_1-2 (starting at measure 72).

Thanks so much Stephen, m73 was where I intended the piece to be at its apex, and I’m gratified that you picked up on this - thanks for taking the time to listen and comment

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