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Hi All,

This is a choral piece I wrote probably 5 years ago. It finally got performed a week ago and this recording is of that performance. This is a volunteer group from a community choir I sing tenor in. In other words we asked for volunteers to stay late after normal rehearsal to learn and sing this one piece. We had one bass, one baritone, two tenors and a bunch of ladies so the balance could be better. The performance isn't perfect but overall we did a good job singing a hard piece. Comments appreciated.


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You did well getting the performance you did with amateurs. The pan diatonicism would obviously be more convincing with a pro group, as the part writing is singable with stepwise motion or preparation for the dissonances.

I also think a smoother sound, one that could be achieved by a bigger choir, would do more justice to the lushness of your harmony, what are your thoughts on that? (easy to say, difficult to do)

Some lovely scrunchy chords there Steve, it deserves a good performance and I hope you can get one as the setting is very expressive....

Hi Mike,

Thank you for taking the time to listen and respond. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. You've hit the nail on the head, a larger group is the Holy Grail of choral performances. The fact that men seem less inclined to sing in choral groups tends to cause issues with balance, so less divisi between baritones and basses and among tenors. I would love to hear this piece performed by a larger and/or professional group.

And I may get that chance. I've been invited to participate in this choral composition Institute:

There will be a professional choir that will sing one of my pieces. The problem is I've submitted 4 and can bring along one or two more if I choose, but only one gets performed. That's like asking me which is my favorite child. It's going to be a tough decision, which will probably be based on a number of factors all intended to positively impact my career(?) as a choral composer.

I'm scratching my head why no one else has responded. Could it be because choral music is usually associated with religion? Just in case, let me proudly affirm this is a SECULAR piece! No religion to be found here, just an appreciation for the power of music.

Thanks again for your kind words.

Well done, let's hope you get an excellent performance of whatever you decide on and make sure you post it here.
I obviously can't give a reason for the slow response here, but an ideal performance of this piece, along with more nuanced phrasing will bring out the good music in it. I listened several times and had a quick sight read of the piano part to get a better sense of it. The rather tentative ( undestandable of course) performance might have mitigated against the work in this case.
I do not sight read so I rely solely on my ears here and as you've explained the circumstance of very short rehearsal time before recording I realise I'm not listening to how it might or should sound. It's all just so hesitant and I just can't unhear that.
I, like Mike, look forward to listen to a well rehearsed performance.


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