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My name is Ronald, but I also create children's material under the pen name Scott C. Johnson.  Here is a song I wrote for kids titled "Children's Winter Town".  I composed the music and wrote lyrics for it, then hired a dancer and a singer to complete the song.

I know it's summer, but I'm hoping to get more views and input.  Maybe this song can cool people off during these hot summer days:)

For this song I used warm bells, angel's harp, and soft piano and guitars. (all parts of the Nexus 2 plugin)

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Hi Ronald,

This is well done and seems age-appropriate to me. The dancer is a nice touch in particular. Thanks for sharing!


Well this is just adorable! However, when talking about music for children I can never forget Beato's advice:

Children need to hear sophisticated and unpredictable music... Certainly worked for me...

Thank you Gav and Claude for your comments.  I wanted the bells and visuals to make the song fun for kids.  Hopefully I achieved that.


I have to admit, it was better when I closed my eyes. As music, it does suggest a Winter atmosphere, with icicles framing the windows and a cold sun hanging low in the sky. you should re-post it about 5 months from now, it would be interesting to gauge reactions then (assuming similar latitudes as I inhabit).

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