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This is an energetic orchestral overture that expands on the traditional classical harmonic language and form with splashes of modernity.  There's a lot going on with inner voices, but of course, the prevailing melodic line can be clearly heard above it all.  Additionally, phrase lengths are not always square/predictable, owing to my desire to be free of regimented classical form.  I also used syncopation/displaced accents to add a little flavour.

It was written for a symphony performance, but the funny thing is, it ended up being licensed for a media can never predict how a work will be received and/or used. EDIT: Actually, it  just goes to show, I thought it would be well-received here, but I guess not!  Predicting music that resonates is as hard as predicting the stock market.

Instrumentation:  piccolo, flutes 1/2, oboe, English horn, clarinet 1/2, bassoon 1/2, French horn 1/2, trumpet in c 1/2, trombone 1/2, violin 1/2, viola, cello, bass, timpani, assorted percussion.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy!



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Very well thought out and put together. Plenty of mood swings from uplifting to dramatic to soulful.

I would have liked to have heard more bass in the dramatics parts but that is just my preference but over all I enjoyed the piece.

Well done :)

Thanks, Keith.  My piece was almost relegated to the dreaded page 2 with nary a single comment!  I appreciate you taking the time to listen and share your thoughts.


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