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This is a piece for a small chamber orchestra that I would like to get some feedback on. Any suggestions or criticisms are welcome. I have included a score at concert pitch but it is not ready for publishing or performance and the dynamics included are for the playback by notation software and would have to be adjusted for live performance.

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Hi Ingo, a piece with strong character. It is very personal and I can feel the different ideas popping up by the composer. It is thrilling to follow, like a journey.
Nice piece and pleasant to listen to.

Thank you Kjell.  At this point I'd like to trade some character for skill in using audio samples!  I appreciate your kind words.

Hi, Ingo,

A most interesting enjoyable piece. It’s a work of contrasts. The opening brass has almost a dirge quality about it lightening up when you introduce the woodwind.

Then the surprise, the violin entry that turns into an elaborate interplay of parts in bar 51 then builds up toward more of a tutti in bar 81 before cooling again. Easy to imagine this played live or with the nuances of dynamics more prevalent (at least, that’s how I interpret this bit of the score. You may have to watch me carefully if I conducted it! I do think it needs a conductor, this work).

The second build-up following the piccolo solo is pretty intense. It seemed to start out as a pastorale but soon built up into quite a tempestuous finale to the movement apart from the coda. I haven’t studied the score in detail but the development following the piccolo solo seems to hark back in mood to the opening. So I’m unsure how through-composed it is. I liked the occasional breaks between episodes. Anyway, I’ll have another look at the score later.

As usual it would be nice to hear this performed or with the dynamics adjusted to balance the parts more akin to a live performance. (Balance is about the only crit I have and making more use of hairpins.) You’ve mastered handling this combo of instruments well.

Nice one. Look forward to the subsequent movements.


Hi Dane, thank you for the encouragement.  You've hit the nail on the head as far as balance and dynamics here. I'm still working on getting the hang of VSL dynamics.  I'm using some dynamic patches but I haven't got the velocity X-fade working very well yet. I will continue to experiment and maybe use the cc7 volume controller as well.  Unless you are available to conduct of course!

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