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Hi All.

I wish to share with you this short composition for organ.

The title, “Ceneri”, stands for “Ashes” in Italian. Consider it as a sort of musical introitus to a Requiem Mass.

I wrote this for very personal scope and got inspiration from the according chapter of “Von heiligen Zeichen”, a book by German theologist Romano Guardini (1885-1968).

Comments are welcome.



Edit: I updated the file to a more intimate and refined performance. I'm also planning to publish the score; at the moment it lies in the form of an heavily cheated, almost unreadable notation file for audio rendering.

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Hi Fabio,

a most appealing piece. I wish it could have been a bit longer. It promises a lot. I guess some vocals would follow. I start to imagine the continuation.


Hi Kjell.

Thank you for listening and commenting. Let me apologize for delayed reply.

I'm glad you find it promising, and, yes, I'm planning to build on it a “Mass-like” piece that shall include vocals.

For the moment, I offer to you and fellow composers this short meditation on passing.


Hi Fabio,

Nice to hear a 'different', more contemplative Fabio this time. Fine playing and organ sound.

Well done!


Thank you, Jos.

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