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The slow movement of a Cello sonata that I've been working on recently.

Have a listen and let me know what you think,



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It's not a sonata until I see a score. Right now it's just sound design.
And the piano needs to get out of the way of the cello's notes. They should not play the same notes at the same time in the melody. Right now especially in the faster moving parts of the piano, it sounds like a piano piece and the cello is playing a slow bass line or accompaniment. It does not sound like a piece featuring the cello. It sounds like you played the piano part first then layered the cello part over top.

Sounds like someone feeling sorry for themselves because they are going to murder someone.

Sounds like a Cello Sonata to me, Joe. Similar to Elgar's Elegy for Cello in mood. I like your style. While slow and deliberate and perhaps too restrained, you do a nice job of contrasting the two instruments. It was a bit loud though, especially the cello at times. But I'm sure this is just a first approximation and you'll fix that stuff.

Hey Joe, where ya going with that gun in your hand ?

This ,I thought , was very good and touching/moving in

in a broodish kind of way. Well done.

I did have a problem with that 1 'step' note at 2:01.

I think it disrupted the mood.    Food for thought     RS

Hi all,

Sorry for taking ages to reply, been a busy week...

Thank you all for your comments the whole piece is still taking shape and I have taken into account all that has been said.

Thanks for listening,


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