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Greetings all!

I have recently completed a composition, written for a 7-trumpet ensemble (with flugelhorn!) for my school. I started on it during the Christmas break, took about a week or two to complete. I was aiming for an exciting fun piece to play with interesting effects and more dissonance than I usually use. I don't know what else to say, but please let me know your thoughts, thank you!

YouTube Score Video:

Playback is with NotePerformer 3 

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This all has a very nice even keel feel and arrangement. Captures that holiday feel I so often hear in brass. There seem to be no distinct highlights in this. No build ups. In some places the trumpets almost seemed to loose momentum in sound which I though peculiar. I kept wanting to hear lower brass louder and maybe an Eb trumpet. Nicely done overall aside from those minor nits.

Overall I really enjoyed this, but I used to be a trumpeter so am programmed to enjoy brass.
I think the real fun in this would be in the performance. The different parts, and the interplay of each line could well be extended to the stage with each performer in a separate and distinct position. The observer would then experience an auditory and visual journey across a space.
For such a long fanfare, and that's what it is, some different trumpets would blend well, just to vary the timbre at times.
I think there is more that could be done, but it's already got relisten appeal.
Good work and thank you for sharing.

As much as I like this the way it is, I can totally hear it scored for a Canadian Brass type group. Much more tonal variety and range while maintaining a bright brass sound. 

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