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I hope it is okay to post this here (I just accidentally found it, I am not associated with them):

Perhaps of interest for one or the other here on the forum.

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Thanks Tillerich, we welcome any and all contest posts in the "Contests" forum!


if you are keen to listen to a collection of international arrangements of folk- or childrens' songs, have a look here:

Of course you could vote as well (I am somewhere in the lower third on that list of  94!! I am not sure if the order changes depending on votes).

The spectrum is quite diverse, which may inspire you, or give you ideas for some work on your own.

A few of my favourites and worth a listen are, so far (surnames): Hasse, Hakimi Niasari, Kiviami, Ferrari, Reif-Schnaidt, Calcagnini, Egge and...Jacobi   ;-)


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