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With this piece I was trying to capture the mood of a time when things

 were more relaxed and 'innocent' . No real form was applied

but does that really matter in this genre ? It's a contemperary

easy-going song w/o words, and for the time being, no title.

Rather than prejudice the listener I was hoping that someone

would 'suggest' a title after hearing it.

also, does the construction/ form work?

    Thanks, Roger             (score available if interested)

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Roger, I think the form is fine. It definitely has a nostalgic feel. If I had to guess, though, I would say that it has to do with a lost love, rather than a lost time. So something like "That Special Summer That We Shared" comes to my mind. (I know, that's really smarmy).  Of course, whatever words you eventually put to it would then determine the "feel" of it. But it has potential, in my opinion. for what that's worth - I compose symphonically, so I'm perhaps not the best to comment.

Hi Michael, I waited to respond mainly because I didn't want to muddy my orig. intent,

 but that seems to have past. The simple fact that you took the time to listen and offer

 a response puts you in the ' Best' category. I appreciate that. I have no other sounding

board to bounce ideas off of. I wonder if more would 'participate' if it was kept anonymous?

I was thinking more along the line of refound rather than lost . ( smarmy ex.- Opie goes to

Hollylwood, comes back to Mayberry ish , I guess there could be an old flame involved. )

The experiment I had in mind was  1- try to capture a mood tonally  without words or title

                                                   2- see how it was 'translated' by others  subjectively

                                                   3- hone my writing skills

         it seems the days gone by feeling did come across in the vast majority of responses    lol

     Thanks , Roger



Bob, thanks for the feedback. ' Laidback' was what I was going for w/ this. I don't sense

      any unusual pauses or long notes , to my ear the piece flows smoothly. I think the

      passage  you are pointing out is meant to be a transition back to the main theme.

      I'm a guessin' that would seem smoother w/ words applied.   Grats, Roger

Bob Porter said:


This does have that "days gone by" feeling. Though I'm not sure there was ever a time more relaxed and innocent. There are a few places where there are long notes and the music stops. This feels a little awkward and a bit unpianistic. The cadence before the final statement of the theme seems abrupt. These are just my initial impressions. This is really very charming.

Hey Ray, this guys good  he makes it look easy   but Nah   not really intended as a love song.

         Thanks for your input  Roger

Raymond Kemp said:

This sort of thing maybe.....................................

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