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Now that I have been properly educated as to the definition of music, I managed to finish a piece that I had been noodling on for a while.  This is the opening section of what eventually will become a multi part suite for woodwind sextet.  The primary thought behind this piece was simply to create a structure where various pairs and subgroupings of the sextet could play off of and against each other. 

Thanks to advice provided to others in a variety of posts on the Forum, this piece represents my first attempt to wean myself off of Garritan Personal Orchestra.  All of the instruments, with the exception of the Bass Clarinet and Horn are from the Vienna Instruments Special Edition Woodwinds package.   Although I just scratched the surface in terms of playing with the various options, I am more or less pleased with the result - at least for a first effort.   Bass Clarinet and Horn are Garritan.  The piece was constructed using Sonar X3.  The composition was done via note entry on the Sonar staff feature.  I then converted the Sonar file into a MuseScore file in order to generate a bare bones score.  I didn't add dynamics due to laziness and due to the fact that this piece was done solely for my own amusement.

Im not sure how I would describe the style of the piece, definitely "modernish" with a few brief flirtations with dissonance, but still well within the bounds of respectable tonality.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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IMHO, I do believe dynamics, and phrasing and more are part of composition..otherwise we might speak in one color run on sentences,  without meaning to :)

And in my own music Ive found--and YMMV--that 'the gesture' is all important..notes may be wrong for what Im trying to do, but if the gesture--the right move, at that point in the composition-- is correct, then those not so right notes can slip right by..

Thanks Bob

Bob Porter said:

There are those who say that dynamics and phrasing are part of composition. Is music more than just the notes?

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