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I wrote this to test out the Friedlander Violin which is a pretty cool VI.

The world doesn't really need another piece for violin and piano in a late romantic idiom (Brahms, Franck etc) but I was having fun. I doubt I shall have time to finish the piece for a while  but I recommend  checking out the VST from Embertone.

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I'm about to do some library tracks where I'll be blending a flesh and bone violinist with ensemble libraries. Fortunately he also doubles on viola!  Voila! 

Raymond Kemp said:

Yes Michael, money money money but secondary use by blending them in as first chair along with ensemble libraries is great.
I've explained this to my wife as being a better option than a shopping weekend in London ;-)

You are right MIchael. I overlooked this option, since I have never used it. It would be interesting to see how a "translation" of a score to Sibelius would look like. In any case, I have now a lot of option to work out an optimal work-flow. Thanks a lot.


michael diemer said:

My understanding is that you can import any kind of score, even handwritten, into Sibelius, Finale, etc. At least with the higher-end products.
Johan Roeraade said:

Thanks a lot Michael for your suggestion.   It sounds interesting, and I will certainly have a look into this possibility. 

But somehow, I would like to be able to put the music into Sibelius. I wonder if your Sonar score could be imported into Sibelius. It would simplify the process of making a professional score.





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