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The Super Short composition contest: call for entrants. In order for this contest to proceed, there must be at least 5 entrants. The rules of the game are: 1) the work must be no longer than 60 seconds, although it can be any length below that; 2) the work must never have appeared on this site before; 3) Any instrumentation is allowed; 4) an mp3 sound file and a pdf score must be provided.

Judging will be done by members of this site. In order for this contest to take place, there must be 5 entrants by 2 weeks from today: Monday, February 18, by 5 pm EST. Join your peers in this unique challenge!

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How about a category for "tastes great" or "less filling"?????

14 entrants so far, making this by far the largest contest I have run! Remaining contestants: there are 4 days left to submit your entry (due by 5 pm EST Monday March 4). Once the deadline to submit has passed, I will post all the entries with a link to a survey for the members of this site to vote. There will be about a two week voting period - 

16 submissions so far. Deadline: Monday Mar 4 5 pm EST

17 submissions so far. Once the deadline to submit has passed (Monday Mar 4 at 5 PM EST), I will start a new thread where I will post all the entries. I will also come back to this thread and post a link to the new thread, so all of you know about it. I must say I am extremely pleased not only with the quality of submissions for this contest, which I consider to be very high, but also the positive energy and comments of this discussion, which I have very much enjoyed being a part of. For those of you who are contestants: Thank you, your work is about to be judged and I wish you all well. The voting will be done by the members of this site, who will be asked to vote on their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. For each 1st place vote you get, I will give you 3 points. For each 2nd place vote, 2 points, and for each 3rd place vote, 1 point. The winner will be the one with the overall most points, same for 2nd and 3rd place. Composing is noble! - Best to you all -

The deadline to get entries in to this contest has passed and the contest is now closed. 19 entries in total were submitted. I will post a new thread with all the entries shortly, and will come back to this thread and link to it when ready. Thanks to all who submitted, and get ready, get set...

Actually, less than an hour... :)

The contest is published here:

Composers: please check your entries for correctness. I did a very cursory check, but the best way to ensure your entry is correct is to check it yourself. Please let me know any problems and I will fix. Best wishes to all of you in the competition!!

Thank you Gavin for all your hard work in putting this together.

Thanks Chris! This is going to be a particularly fun contest! We have so many entries from every style of music imaginable, there's something in this contest for everyone's taste!

Too bad. I guess you'll have to quit your Job, this contest requires your complete attention.


Raymond Kemp said:

Some of us have other things to do like..........go to work :(

Fredrick zinos said:

19 minutes

I created a tally sheet with all the entry information so I could add my comments easily as I listened. It contains the "Composer", title, Composer's comments, and shows if a score wasn't included (as a means to help remember the piece). This made it easy for me to come and go, and still remember the pieces and what I liked about them (without having to do it all in one go!). I'm happy to share it with anyone who might find it useful.


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