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The Super Short composition contest: call for entrants. In order for this contest to proceed, there must be at least 5 entrants. The rules of the game are: 1) the work must be no longer than 60 seconds, although it can be any length below that; 2) the work must never have appeared on this site before; 3) Any instrumentation is allowed; 4) an mp3 sound file and a pdf score must be provided.

Judging will be done by members of this site. In order for this contest to take place, there must be 5 entrants by 2 weeks from today: Monday, February 18, by 5 pm EST. Join your peers in this unique challenge!

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Brag, brag, brag ;o)

Yes, it is a fine celebration. Requiring all the entrants to score also means each one of us will be celebrating each others' work by listening to them.

(Actually, I think it's impressive you can write that fast. It can take me a *lot* longer...)

Raymond Kemp said:

This is not a contest but a celebration of talent in the composers' forum. After all, 60 to 90 seconds?, I've 9 pieces to write of that length in the next week to go with 3 already completed. 

What I usually do is ask voters to rank their top three choices. For each top vote I give the contestant 3 points. For each #2 place vote, I give the contestant 2 points. And for each #3 vote I give the contestant 1 point. I think all the composers should join the vote. I assume we'd each vote for our own pieces for #1, I'm ok with that!

But where's the delight in churning out pieces quickly?   It's like having thousands of Facebook friends, folks you'll never meet and probably wouldn't want to.  I like inviting one friend at a time over for hours and maybe days of good food, talking, resting,taking garden walks, exploring paintings, resting, listening to music ....   My friends and I like to temporarily move in with each other and really delve into what we love about each other's company.  My music is like a friend ... I don't want to tell it good-bye until I've explored and enjoyed it thoroughly!   So, Gav, you'll probably get my anonymous entry on the day it's due ....   It needs to age before it's decanted.

Have fun everybody! I've already got 9 entries!


Gav, just to be clear , do your rules include a vote from everyone,

       entrants and all who want to participate in the 'scoring' ?

Roger, yes, entrants and non-entrants can vote

Gav, thanks for putting this together.  It made me get off my kester and get something written down.  I think something like this every so often is a good way to keep the creative juices flowing.

Thanks for you input Saul. For all the contests I have run before this it has been allowed and I don't see any good reason to disallow it.

Yes, and also for the 2nd and 3rd placers.

Saul, if the all the composers votes their own composition in the top spot, then everyone starts with the same beginning score. This way, in essence, we still get to pick our top two choices, while non-entrants pick their top three. It's a good way to get enough people scoring the submissions, in case we only get a couple of non-entrants interested in scoring.

Saul Dzorelashvili said:

So you're saying that composers actually voted for themselves?

The more non-entrants, the better!

Gav Brown said:

Roger, yes, entrants and non-entrants can vote

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