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The Super Short composition contest: call for entrants. In order for this contest to proceed, there must be at least 5 entrants. The rules of the game are: 1) the work must be no longer than 60 seconds, although it can be any length below that; 2) the work must never have appeared on this site before; 3) Any instrumentation is allowed; 4) an mp3 sound file and a pdf score must be provided.

Judging will be done by members of this site. In order for this contest to take place, there must be 5 entrants by 2 weeks from today: Monday, February 18, by 5 pm EST. Join your peers in this unique challenge!

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At 5 EST today call for entrants will end -

Call for entrants has ended. A reminder of the rules of the game: Contestants will have until Monday, March 4 at 5 pm EST to submit their entries. A reminder of the rules> 1) Piece must be no longer than 90 seconds; 2) Any instrumentation is allowed; 3) Friend me on this site and I will send you an e-mail address to send your entry to; 4) An mp3 is mandatory, a pdf is optional. If you do send a pdf, make sure your name is not in it. We already have 8 entries completed! I think we have about 4-6 more entrants out there!

Count me in.

Thanks Frederick, now I know it's you and not your impostrous computer!       -:)

Fredrick zinos said:

Go for it Andrew!

I have a question Gav if an entrant can submit more than one submission.

(Well, I promise not to submit more than 100  -:))

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but just one please!

Can i also send some my work? I signed here yesterday, and i am allowed here about 2hrs ago, and this is my first login now, so i see this for the first time. I already have some pieces to send...

Milan, you can participate

Thanks! Where to send mp3 and score? Should i have a name on PDF or not?

Milan, Friend me on this site and I will send you an e-mail address you can send the files to. The PDF should *not* have your name - Gavin

Wow, so many entries... this is great!

I hope we have as many people scoring them. Gav, have you given any thought to letting the contestants score? I thought of an easy way to make it fair, while still using the polling system: If each entrant scored their piece at the top, it would keep things even.

A fair point, actually. I imagine that without letting the contestant score the entries, there won't be many people left that could judge ;o

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