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The Super Short composition contest: call for entrants. In order for this contest to proceed, there must be at least 5 entrants. The rules of the game are: 1) the work must be no longer than 60 seconds, although it can be any length below that; 2) the work must never have appeared on this site before; 3) Any instrumentation is allowed; 4) an mp3 sound file and a pdf score must be provided.

Judging will be done by members of this site. In order for this contest to take place, there must be 5 entrants by 2 weeks from today: Monday, February 18, by 5 pm EST. Join your peers in this unique challenge!

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That is rather hilarious, Ray.  

Ok, entrants, let's all write the opposite of our "normal" style -- the goal is not to get the most votes or have our music liked or anything normal like that.  The goal is to confuse Raymond so he can't tell who wrote what ....

Ready, set, .....    go for it, y'all!!!

I agree with Ray ... Maybe next time when folks want to enter, they just send you a private email, Gav and you just say we have xxx number of entrants, but not list the names.  I'd like that too.   Then I could write in my own style ... whatever that happens to be at the moment.   But even now anyone in addition to the original five can still be anonymous. 

Thanks for the suggestions - if someone who has not entered the contest wants to send me an entry privately, I'm ok with that. They will need to commit by the 18th -

I, for one, don't care about anonymity, because the piece I'm doing isn't in my style anyway (whatever "my style" actually is, duh). So yeah, basically I'm in.

Greg makes 6!

We have an additional anonymous entrant. There are now 7 contestants -

Hello! I just joined here. I'm interested in joining this. I don't care about anonymity since no one here knows my style anyway. I'll go see if I can figure out how to add someone as a friend.

I think I can manage 60-90 seconds of music. At least that would be completed unless I get realyl lazy. What's the actuall deadline for this? Should we have submited a pice by Feb. 18? or just commit by then?

We're up to 9 contestants. Feb 18 is the last day to join the contest, the music will be due roughly two weeks after that.

Hi Gav, I like your idea and challenge. How do I get an entry to you ?

           I don't do facebook and could'nt find a link at this site.

           also, is the sign-up date the final entry date and is this

           1 entry per customer ?  Thanks

Hello Roger, this site has its own "friending" mechanism which has nothing to do with Facebook. To friend me on this site, just click on my picture to the left of this post, which will take you to my profile page. Below my picture on my profile page is a link that says "Add as Friend." Once we're friends I will send you an e-mail address you can send your entry to. The sign-up date *is not* the deadline date, which will be approximately two weeks after the sign-up date. One entry per customer please!


I'd like to join and have a fair few ideas already... How do I join though? I befriend Gav and take it a step further I assume... Off I go! Good luck everyone!

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