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This started as a tongue-in-cheek "Brexit Symphony" ("Brexit" is short for Britain exiting the European Union). But it was turning in to something bigger. Started last spring it's been on the back burner but I might pick it up again when existing projects are finished...

For me it was about revising writing for brass, exploring the angry grumbling sounds as well as the exultant and cheery. I don't know how much of either I achieved. 

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This piece, albeit unfinished, has some lovely ideas in it! Your really great at those odd transitions. Lots of beautiful chord clusters interrupted by dissonance creating a feeling of chaos. The brass makes it sound British... and well, that makes sense doesn’t it?!

I hope you finish it, because it’s worth finishing.

BTW, I think my country is in need of a new national anthem and USA needs officially changed to DSA, “D” as in “divided”.

And I think your just the guy to compose it!


This is too short ;)

Hi Rick!

Well, it was Brexit day so I had to post it. It covered the grumbling and political fighting to the transition when it happened!  Not my "usual" style but I was trying out some samples too. Thank you for commenting. 

The UK could be rebranded the DUK for the same reason as you claim for the USA. The Remainers (or as they're called, remoaners) are still trying to push Project Fear.) Ah well..... Depending on your musical taste you have some super brass over there.

Hi, Jan-Frederik,

As I said it was just a fragment. It seemed to have a degree of exhilaration but I got stuck on a second subject. I'll finish it one of these days - maybe after I've finished my current non-paid commission!

Those are excellent brass samples. I hear more of the cheery exit in this than the old stick in the mud tones. Nice work Dane.

I played trumpet back in the day and this would have fooled my ears if you had presented it as recorded live.

Thank goodness I no longer have to empty a spit valve.

Thank you, Tim,

I'm complimented indeed, coming from you, far closer to studio and recording technology than I. I must be learning something about using samples. It's still quite some learning curve. 

I had a brief time with the horn which had to be tipped up or it would start gurgling. Not sure why I gave it up. Probably because of exposed solos. When it goes wrong it's so horribly embarrassing. At least as a violist I'm part of a gaggle. 

You deserve it Dane. 

I don't think violists get near enough credit. Kudos to you on playing one!

My opinions on brass are it was a learning experience and not something I would have pursued for life. Every instrument has a measure of evil in it to tame I suppose. I should probably have psychological counseling for picking up a violin. Sometimes referred to in slang as a screech plank.

Here's a few more brass terms.

We can have our country back now. I think the piece needs to be more cheery and unashamed like the proud nation we may become again!

It sounds brilliant, very interesting format and a lovely sound. Please continue this.



Hi Kjell,

Many thanks for your kind comment. It's possible I may pick it up again toward the end of the year after another project I have to try to finish.

Hi Charles,

Absolutely! A dot-dot-dot-dash sign to Monsewer Barnacle (misprint) - away from that dictatorship. Agree about how it should sound. My efforts were starting to sound more Elgar-y; nothing wrong with Elgar but I hoped for a bit more exultant spice than pomp and circumstance. 

Thank you for commenting - and listening. Much appreciated.


Hi Dane,

Lovely brass indeed and a powerful theme. If this is the expression of your (Brexit) emotions, it is quite a statement.

In Belgium there are mixed feelings about Brexit, most people regret it deeply seeing a country leave the greatest post-war-project. But I do realize that Europa has caused (by its huge and arrogant political bureaucracy) general discontent by not really listening to the people - and not only in the UK... I can hear such feelings in your example here (maybe it was not intentional).

Thanks for sharing,


Hi Dane,

It would be interesting to hear the complete and the end of this story, ehm!  pardon me, this music...

It has a beautiful start.  Many material elements, to be developed...

The brass colors are charming.

Thank you very much.


Hi, Ali,

Many thanks for listening and commenting. It started originally as an idea to test brass samples that I bought in a cheap sale. I wanted to explore various growling emotions in low, close scoring, different dynamics and things, then get into something more cheerful. I'll finish it eventually.... :)



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