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Here is another short "sketch", not sure what this would classify as other than "modern" with jazz leanings. Influenced heavily by Gershwin.

The piece is a bit hard for me to play due to the counter-point rhythm between the two hands and there is a couple mistakes that can be heard if one is a discerning listener. I think the composition is above my playing ability, to be honest, and I may practice it more in order to get a better recording. I am not happy with the muddy quality of the sound on this at all (and I need to spend some time on making things cleaner), but at least it's down enough for me to figure out where to go with it.

I'd like to add more instruments to this, bass and possibly strings or marimba, but have not figured out what/where about that quite yet. Suggestions welcome.

Any thoughtful comments or crits are welcome on the music parts!  Cheers!

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Interesting, I had not thought about reed intstruments or woodwinds on this. Thanks!

MM Coston said:

To me it sounds like a good foundation for a jazz tune. I think a reed would sound good over the texture at points, I imagine a clarinet.

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