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Hello guys! I want to share with you my last work, the original soundtrack for the game BOOR: 

BOOR - Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack consist of 27 electronic, synth songs, with an atmospheric touch. It was made on FL Studio 10, using the synth plugin Firebird, 

Is one of the biggest and more complex projects I've made so far, hope you like it!

Any comment or review are more than welcome!


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Thanks for your time Dave! Listening to your music right now, really happy melodies!

I guess I'll have to kill you now.

Insult Composer said:

This piece is so lame, Obama is going to use it as an excuse.


     Aren't we glad that insult guy is gone.  What a jerk.  I doubt if he ever shows his face around here again, though he might show up at the Emmys or Grammys where his comments would be more appropriate.

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