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Best Monitor Speakers (model/maker) for Mixing and Mastering ????

hello Composers !!! plz suggest what speakers shud be bought for mixing and mastering for home studio ??? :) thanks in advance :)

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I'm no expert, but I've been told that you need to spend at least 400-500. (I spent 200). For classical or film music, the word is to look for speakers with great mid-range. you don't need to be overbearing on the bass. Avoid subwoofers. and Ray will tell you (when he gets back from Italy) that what matters most is the person sitting in front of them.

Check these out at and Looks like a good deal.

For mixing - and especially mastering - you need speakers that are as flat, detailed and honest as possible. You don't say what size you need - small nearfield, or larger mains.

Plenty of excellent industry standards, depending on your price, too: ATC (my choice), Genelec, Adam, Duntech....

There are a lot of studio monitors on the market. You will have to decide if you want something with a standard 8 inch woofer or maybe just a 5 or 6 inch that are less money but don't have quite as much bottom end. Just like home stereo speakers(I've had my KEFs for 22 years) you pay for quality so check out what's available and get what you can afford or are willing to spend. 

Monitor placement is also important so find that sweet spot where your ears and the monitors are in harmony.

Sorry, I was just deferring to your extensive knowledge in technical matters. As for subs, I looked into them, but they seemed to complicate things to the point of necessitating room treatment, something far beyond my ability or needs.

Sounds like you're enjoying Italian Idyll.

Raymond Kemp said:

Stop speaking for me, you're not my shrink :)
And what's more.........I use a sub.
Other than that Bardolino is floating my boat and I enjoyed the brass band playing in the piazza last evening.

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