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This is on my home page here, but because there is a brief pause between the second and third sections, someone could easily think it was over when the pause occurs. So I wanted to make sure people could hear the whole thing (especially because the best part comes in the third section).

So, it's a lullaby, obviously. That's the first section. The second section is about flight, however you may want to conceive that (personally, I only fly in my dreams). The third section, well, if you think of the beginning as the landing lights of the airport blinking, and the traffic controller barking out instructions (on the bassoon perhaps?), that might work. But it's of course whatever you feel it to be. In any case I wish you pleasant dreams.

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Thank you Colin. As it happens, I first conceived the main melody for solo violin. But I decided to make an orchestral piece out of it. The oboe seemed the closest thing, but I agree that a clarinet would work just as well. I don't use the oboe as much as I'd like, though, except for supportive work, so I decided to give it the job. 

Another interesting thing about the lullaby melody: At the time I didn't think of it as a lullaby. however, as time went on, it became clear that's what it was. Especially when I did a little research on lullabies, and found that they typically are in Db. That settled it! I had written a lullaby and didn't even know it! Perhaps I was channeling Brahms...

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