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Just recently I heard a very unknown but fantastic Beethoven piano Scherzo which fascinated me and a Canadian friend so much that we tried to orchestrate it: :-)


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Hi Gerd,

That is indeed the more 'mature' Beethoven: very thoughtful and elaborate. You did a splendid orchestration job again. I love the instrumentation and the question-answer style in which the woodwinds play a beautiful role. Well done!

However, the stereo image of the orchestra is subject for improvement. Some hints:

  • the timpani are too strong and placed to the right too much
  • the first violins (and more of the string section are left (which we would never hear that way, even when sitting in the first right seats). The L-R-balance is too narrow for the sections, mainly for the first rows (near depth) of instruments. The second row is a lot better.
  • the overal ambience is too dense (lack of convolution and reverb?) With that type of room info, one would expect that the orchestra plays very close too the audience, which it doesn't here.

I guess this is only a first sketch to work on? In that case, I can only congratulate you with the fine result so far!


Dear Jos,

thank you for your helpful remarks. I am always amazed about your "fine" ears. Please would you please check this new version? (old version)



With my good headphones on I feel as if I payed to go to a concert!

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