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Once again, this summer, my daughter is directing a play. And, once again, I'm writing some music for it. There is a battle scene with clashing swords and all. We're going to set it to music. Here is the first draft of the Battle Music. It ends with a bugle call and a, as yet, very rough version of the main theme music. This music will be refined and changed as needed to fit what my daughter wants. I present it here just as example. It is very fun for me to write something that will actually get used.

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Bob, software rendition aside, I like it. The abrupt changes seemed to move

the focus from one element to another more than just having a single 'overview',

yet it all seemed cohesive.

All in all a rather short battle though.

It is difficult to guage, without the storyline, how 'fitting' this is or to comment on

any one aspect needing to be longer, but, that(fitting) is a separate art unto itself.

Good luck with the project.     RS

The battle might end up a bit longer, but it will take place on a tiny (16 x 12 ft) stage. Once the order of battle is set then I might tweak the sounds a bit. For the most part, this is the sound. Oh well. The battle will be sword to sword and fisticuffs. Oh, and magic wand. I'll be writing an overture and incidental music, also. And bows. 

Very cinematic, could be one of those intergalactic epics even.  You might want some subwoofer stuff for that though.

Hmmm, intergalactic sub-woofer. Totally not what I was going for. Doesn't mean I won't try it. Maybe when the evil witch bites the dust.

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