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Nnot sure how much of a following electronic music has here... but it is still music composition so I thought I'd post anyway.

I've not done a great deal of more 'mainstream' electronic styles before, so if there are any glaring errors in arrangement or production I'd be grateful if you could advise me as to how to avoid them in future.



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i really dont know a whole lot about techno and what they called "electronica" on a site i was on years ago (site died out)

the site was "centered" on hip hop and related music, dance electronics being one of them.... so i heard a number of them at the time.

this track sounds like a "solid entry point" into the genre. By that? i mean, i heard oodles of people trying for the first time to "get into" trance and dance stuff? very few of them "started" from a track like this...

but i am no expert in the matter, lol... just a guy who listened. If you are interested in this genre? and wonder if you should continue it, based on this entry track into the genre? Yes, i think so...

when i was a KID? disco was on the radio... somewhere in the second half, i had a nostalgic "hey, theres some element of disco in there somewhere" moment... which is good i suppose, since disco was always about primarily dancing.

the only "real test" of dance music? is to suddenly PLAY IT around drunk young girls, and see if they start shaking their @$$es to it...

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