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This composition is written in rondo form and mimics Antonio Vivaldi's style. Have a listen and I hope you like it.  

Feedback always welcome.

Thank you. 

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this is only feedback... not a critique    so , for what it's worth, I heard some

interesting 'runs and phrasing'    Vivaldi ish w/ some Bach organ concerto,(especially toward the end)

mostly fluid but I thought the majority of it was a bit rushed. I would relax it a

little. All in all   a piece worth polishing    (ditto to Bob's last sugestion)

Well, son of Vivaldi many times removed, this is the best of your offerings that I've heard so far. Lots of energy,  and good form.  Agree with Bob that it could be lightened up, in terms of the instrumentation. I also think it would sound better at a slower pace. When I hear Vivaldi's Mandolin Concerto, for example, it has a very relaxed tempo. If you feel the need to create something frenetic, you could try an organ toccatta. But for this kind of music, slower and lighter is better. Keep plugging away, you have lots of potential.

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