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This is the latest from a progressive studies piano book. I'm at the point in the book (near the end) where the pieces aren't constrained by technical limitations of performance.
Stylistically, there is a commingling of folk, romantic, and impressionism, with a dash of jazz peeking thru here and there. though mostly, just a love song.
Comments are welcome.. I hope you like it..

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Hi Gregorio,

A sweet tune in a jazzy romantic style. Thanks for sharing!


 I am a stickler for good piano music. This was an excellent combination with a perfect fit musically. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for listening Gav and Tim! Im especially appreciative as as i know you guys are into piano music. I'm glad it spoke
to you. Thanks!
Pardon me. 'Timothy'.

Marvelous piano music, just as I appreciate it: a lovely melody, excellently arranged and perfectly performed.

Lots of emotions here activating memories and feelings.

Thank you very much for a pleasant moment.


Hi Kjell. Thank you for the wonderful comments! The 'emotional' contour was what dictated the structure, and I am glad that that came across. Thank you for listening!

This is a lovely tune Gregorio, sentimental without being maudlin which can be hard to do. Your performance makes all the difference here, it would be easy to play all the notes correctly and still ruin the effect you have built in.  A good test for your students!

Thank you so much Ingo. I was indeed trying to find that balance of sentimental without being syrupy. And it is a bit more difficult to bring out the musicality than the notes would suggest. I always appreciate you taking the time to listen.

Really nice work! I loved the 00:50 to 1:17 part. Keep up the good work! ;)

Hi Jeremie. I'm glad you liked it! That spot you mention is where (after the theme recurs, but is 'interrupted' ) a development
section comes in and then navigates to the theme in a different key. I fond of these sections as well, as it allows me to introduce a more expanded harmonic content (in the context of the piece's style) and where the student (in the book) is asked
to map the relation of the chord structures for theoretical practice.
Thanks you for listening and the encouragement!

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