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Hi all,

The Donkey's Ballet, a humoresque in classical style, sampled with only VSL (chamber strings + solo strings, piccolo, flutes, oboe, cor anglais, clarinets, horns, timpani, glockenspiel, tambourine)

The Balletto was commissioned by my village for the festivities at the occasion of its 900th anniversary in 2023. It should be danced by the local ballet school. Let's hope there are enough funds for such an event to pay the orchestra and the dancing school... My part of the job is finished with the score and parts.  

The donkey plays an important role, because the inhabitants of my village were called 'donkeys' in the 19th century. (Explanation on my website)

Enjoy the listen and all comments are welcome.


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Hi Jos,

I’ve listened to your The Donkey Ballet before and it was well worth listening to again. I hope the funds are there for it’s performance. It sounds like it would be fun to dance to and a memorial experience for the folks of your village. 


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