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I find slow-tempo music to be harder to write than up-tempo. Here's a sample of one effort in that direction. Comments as always invited >

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Hi Gav,

Gorgeous!  I will write more after I study it, if I may.

Thanks for sharing.


Excellent extended work here Gav, well developed with sophisticated rhythms and harmonies.  I almost see it as two works, the medium slow section to measure 75 and then a faster tempo section with some variations to the end. The first section has a lot of lyrical passage work that sounded like it could be a theme song for movie or other popular vocal work, it's OK for piano but just sounded more vocal to me.

The second section is much more pianistic although it could easily be orchestrated too I think, but it didn't seem as vocal as the first section. The two parts make an interesting contrast with lots of possibilities beyond piano if you felt like it.

Nice work!

Thanks Ali and Ingo for listening and commenting,

Ingo, I could see your comment about the first part working as a vocal, good thought there. I tend to think orchestrally even when composing for a solo piano, and have had others make comments about how they hear that as well. I think it comes from listening to a lot of progressive rock, which tends to be orchestral too!

Thanks again!


Hi Gav,

Great work... Indeed no exaggeration at all...

Perceptible motives...  Processed all through the way.  Sometimes contrasting each other, sometimes reminding themselves.

This is the beauty of repetition...  Freshness is important but it is not reminded always and pushed into my eyes...

Freshness is a nice surprise, polite...

b 25 Tension and relax... Not only harmonically but also rhythmically(b 110)...  Density vs lightness...

b 43 Variety of cords with different build ups to control density.

Nothing is underlined too much.  Every element is balanced in a while... This creates a not disturbing,

enjoyable effect.

One reservation: Sometimes it looks too much calculated, but even that affect is broken by fast rhythmical

gestures... throwing a way everything...

Thank you very much Gav for writing this beautiful work and sharing it here in Composer's Forum.

Books tell a lot about jazz chords but I learned much about them from your gorgeous work.


Ali Riza SARAL said:

Hi Gav,

Gorgeous!  I will write more after I study it, if I may.

Thanks for sharing.


Hi Al,

Thanks for these kind words! I do try to strive for the things you mentioned and am gratified that someone has picked up on them, particularly on the use of repetition/recurrence. I take to heart that you said it might sound a little calculated, this is something I strive to avoid - the best music shouldn't feel calculated at all, at least not to a non-musician. Thanks again for listening and providing specific comments!


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