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Back on the forum -- sorry it has been so long... and a new musical journey

Hi all,

I apologize for hot having visited the forum for a couple of years. I lost interest in composing, feeling I had hit a dead end with the midi & virtual synths medium, but then I started another musical journey improvising on the piano. I think I've got some chops now, although not necessarily the way one would expect, which I hope is my voice emerging. I'd like to share my latest result:

Feel free to give feedback if you so desire, I'm prepared to take some constructive criticism :-)

I'd like to comment on the process I've been using with my improvisations. Each recording is for an individual improvisation session, but edited to be more concise and accurate. Passages with a lot of mistakes or lack of value are removed. Sometimes I play a passage over a few times so that I can choose the best one when I edit, but this also interrupts my feel for flow the music. I try to achieve some continuity in the final edit. My main goal is not to create stunning improvisations but to use improvisation to create compositions, so I feel that the editing helps me move in that direction.



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Just to provide another side to what Bob said, many of my piano pieces are based on improvisations. I start off improvising, and when I hit upon a good idea, I would do several rounds of improvising based on that idea, and this way something begins to take shape. Eventually large-scale structures take shape. Then as I develop the piece further, it begins to be less improvisatory and at some point I start getting into considering every note.

In fact, even my non-piano pieces are often written this way, except that instead of fiddling at the piano I just employ the orchestra in my head. Usually while taking long walks.

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