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I will be the first one to say that J.S. Bach is my favorite overall composer, Partita No.2, Chaccone is my favorite piece, but what specifically makes his music great, influential, and worth all the recognition? How would you explain this to a musician and a nonmusician?

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Fred , you are a mischief maker... lol

Let's see, there must 1000 + 1 examples.

Receding hairlines are a trend and wigs were a fad.

Rock and roll is a trend, the Beatles were a fad.

More revealing beachwear for women has been the trend,

but yellow polkadot bikini's were a fad.

The death of the US dollar is the trend, while crypto currencies are a fad.

The one and only exception to this is... the fugue. lol

It apparently is both a fad and a trend.

The device that Bach is shown holding was originally designed as an IUD.

It obviously failed miserably and has been repurposed for modern day use.

the difference between a fad and a trend is two years.

Yes I had heard that the fidget spinner was originally either an IUD, or an IED. The story is it was implanted as an IUD but failed in its assigned task. As a consequence new born emerged playing with the thing.

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