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Hi Folks, I recorded this piece last night and would like to hear your thoughts on it. I do plan on revisiting this for some more post processing, when listening today I noticed a few areas I could improve on, such as the final sections and some timing issues throughout, if there is anything else you might add/lose please let me know.

This is a piece built around the piano chord sequence and is quite slow moving but gradually builds momentum as it embraces the orchestral instruments and draws to a climax.

This was recorded using Reaper software, my MIDI keyboard and some VST's.

Thanks a million,


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Nice sound production in this recording. I think that the piece is reasonable in itself in the context of incidental music in a film.

Why it doesn't make more of an impact is because the chord sequence is too predictable for the more seasoned listener. We've heard too many pieces in G minor which eventually resolve back to tonic after D major- and the piece is basically variations on that particular chord sequence.

So it depends who you write for. To keep me interested (And maybe others here) I would have liked a move away from G minor much sooner.

For a sad bit of incidental music it probably fits the bill really well.
This is a very interesting piece Conor. I agree with Adrian, modulating from g minor to maybe something else. An example would be that since g minor is the relative minor of B flat major you could modulate to that and find a place in the score to allow the B flat major to turn into minor. Though I do really like this piece, especially when the drums come in, it is very inspiring.

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