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Lights out for Sibelius?

I feel that this should be a critical issue for composers of the digital age.

I've used Sibelius since Sibelius 3.  I will go to Finale if I have no other choice.  I still use Sibelius 6 and may be happy with it for some time until my PC is too far beyond in years of upgrading to handle old programs.  I intend to develop my own for my own purposes in time.

What do you think?

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There was a big discussion about this a while back and there are actually a whole bunch of people trying to fight to save Sibelius' future. You can start at these places:


I did a search in the forums and to my mistake found no similar discussions.  I will do what I can to help.

That's good to hear Bob!

Thanks for the reply!

Is it really that big a deal?  Lots of alternatives exist for notation, and anyhow the software you use today isn't going anywhere.

I don't think composers will stop composing if Sibelius disappeared.  I just think it would be a great loss to the developers like so many good music programs have gone.  Like my first one was "midisoft"  I still have it on my old PC.  I still have unfinished songs on there.  And "tonalsoft" was another one I loved!  I know of many but I can't think of their names.

The user friendly environment of Sibelius is its best niche appeal.  But that sort of turned around on Sib7 and became a little less friendly for track handling with samples outside of Sibelius like most Eastwest samples.

But as for GUI notation, it's the best I have used and I have used Finale.  I had such a hard time figuring Finale out.  Nonetheless life goes on.

FYI the sidegrade to Finale from Sibelius is only $200

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