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Inspired by my time spent living in Korea, where I saw cranes and egrets land in verdant rice paddies only to soar into picture-perfect blue skies, inspired by the layering of grooves in Herbie Hancock's Chameoleon, inspired by the clarity of phrasing in Mozart's Eine Kleine Nauchtmusik, inspired by the rhythmic verve in the minimalist music of John Adams, I composed the following homage to God's most inspired natural musicians--birds. I hope you enjoy Aves Orientalis (Oriental Birds) for woodwind quintet.


To hear the piece, visit my page on Composer's Forum. I welcome your comments.




August Champlin


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Fredrick zinos said:

Excellent. I am in NYC at the moment and so only have a lap top upon which to listen. When I get back to the west coast I will listen again, but what I hear is exceptionally fine and evocative writing.


August Champlin replied:

Thank you, Fredrick, for your thoughtful comment! I'm pleased to hear that the writing strikes you as fine and evocative.


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